Friday, July 22, 2022

More pointless things I have taken a slight interest in


I really know how to capture the Internet's attention!

Just look at that title: More Pointless Things I Have Taken a Slight Interest In.

It is no accident that clerkmanifesto is the 


most visited website, right after

which is a surprisingly engaging web page devoted to typing errors.

Oh, you went there and got a "Webpage not found 404" error?

You probably just mistyped it.

"Enough!" You cry out. "Enough with the kind of entertaining part of the blog post! What pointless thing have you taken a slight interest in?"

Thank you. I doubt I would ever have managed to get there without your question. My will was fading fast!

So, I think you were probably unexcited by my putting the same picture of Linus in a series of Van Gogh paintings. But it got me thinking: What if I took a bit of one painting you probably never saw, and put it in another, maybe even in a way that it's not that clear what painting is what.

Anyway, I just did it a few times, and here's what we have so far:

Jesus of the Cows

Figure on the Floor

The Monk and the Lady

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