Friday, July 29, 2022



Remember how I'm on vacation?

I warned you about it yesterday?

But no one can leap into a vacation. One has to ease into it. Get the hang of it. One has to clean the floor of the apartment first before one can call it a vacation.

No, that's not a metaphor.

Today, on the first day of my vacation, but before I cleaned the floor (which I am putting off at this very moment!), I took my real camera out for the first time in ages. It had been hurting my injured back to carry it around, so I'd been wandering this photogenic world without it.

Today though, I had my camera, so I took some pictures, which we will now look at while sipping Aperol Spritzes.

Here's how you make an Aperol Spritz:

In an oversized wine goblet, place five cubes of ice. Add two or three ounces of Aperol. It's pretty! Add some more for fun. Pour in one of those single serving bottles of Prosecco. Top with sparkling water.

Should you stir?

I guess. If you want. But you don't have to because it's vacation.

Here are all the pictures. Because it is vacation I won't annotate as we go, I'll just let you know that the pictures involve the usual naturalist Summer assortment: flowers, bees, dead fish, sunsets over the city, a bird, and a rabbit.

I trust you to sort it all out, but you should drink about halfway through your Spritz first.

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