Saturday, July 30, 2022

Poking through the mailbag


As we relax with a bottle of zinfandel, endeavoring to keep up with clerkmanifesto during our chilled out vacation, we turn inevitably to our mailbag. Driven, as we are, by our own mercurial muse, we sometimes neglect the many letters that come into the clerkmanifesto offices that are faithfully forwarded to us from our publishers offices on 32 Internet Way in Silicon Valley.

What better time than now to catch up on our mail!

So let's grab a letter right off the top of our bag.

Hmm, this is an advertisement for discount oil changes. 

Let's grab second off the top!

Dear Clerkmanifesto,

I am really enjoying your unusual take on library work. I am surprised to find there are over 200 blog posts that you have already written! I've read seven so far, so I have a few more to go (ha ha)! 

My favorite post so far is: "My clerking career as Stephen King's The Long Walk.

I was wondering what your most popular blog post is so far.

Thanks. I have enclosed an SASE.



I hope you don't mind if I just answer your mail on clerkmanifesto, which you will surely see as you are such a faithful reader! Also, your SASE didn't have real stamp, it was just drawn on.

First, I have a lot more than 200 blog posts. I have published 3,500! When is your letter here from?

Ah, I see. 

Roy's letter is postmarked 2014.

Roy is gone.

Also, inspecting it through an electron microscope reveals it to contain no Covid 19 germs, and disproportionately few Trump cooties as well.

Ah time and fate...

Nevertheless I will answer this person's question, such is my largesse!

Also I don't have any more mail to respond to after this one from Roy (not his real name, not his real letter). It turns out the bag of forwarded mail only had two items.

According to stats my most read blog post of all time is called:

"Request Hunting"

It has 10,500 views. It's not particularly good. I mean it's okay, just probably more of a statistical fluke.

Actually, at this point, I've come to consider any view of any of my blog posts to be a weird accident.

Except, of course, yours.

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