Thursday, July 7, 2022

Reflections on writing and photography


Having spent every spare moment of my day at work taking photographs of pages from The Smithsonian History of American Art, and painstakingly assembling them together with other images (and I say painstaking not because I am so exacting, but because my back still hurts a lot!), it occurred to me:

It is much easier to simply write a blog post.

Pictures always seem like they'll be really quick, and maybe one picture would be, but that's not the way pictures work. Picture taking is like gold panning. The gold is never there for the taking; one must filter carefully down, letting the heavy, shiny material settle slowly out of the prodigious mud.

Some people say that writing is the same way- that you have to winnow down, working your prose, bit by bit, until the gold shows through.

But I think this is good enough.


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