Wednesday, July 13, 2022

The slow end of America



Having run through the evolution of one of my pastiche photos, I now have a few more pictures along similar themes, but presented with less talk. You may or may not like these pictures. If I have learned anything over the 200 years of this blog, and through the posting of over 160 million blog posts, it is that I have no idea whether what I write or show here will cause a fourth reader to exclaim "Hey, this stuff is great! I should come check it out again in a few years!" or which will cause one of my four readers to exclaim "I really must remember to check the air pressure on my tires."

Today we are mainly featuring a series of lonely ghost town pictures, though I may throw in a few other shots if I see some that are unrelated to today's theme but nevertheless make me exclaim "If I don't put this one into the blog today, I'll probably never bother or remember to in the future."

I know it doesn't sound like it, but you're in for such a treat today! These are about the loneliness and desolation of the irresistible collapse of the American experiment. I think everyone has fun with that.

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