Thursday, July 28, 2022

Vacation incoming


As I write, I am precisely 25 minutes away from 11 days of vacation. Who knows what kind of blog posts you'll see while I'm on vacation? Anything could happen, but there probably won't be a lot of library stories since I won't be at the library.

I do have quite a few pictures to work with on my phone. Like what about this one:

Dramatic, no?

Curiously that picture takes place in the Uffizi, which is where we went on our last really long vacation. 

This vacation isn't that long. And it should be a little more chill.

I think maybe I'll just put on some music and here at clerkmanifesto we'll just kind of hang out for the next 11 days. You okay with that?

Good. You've been seeming a bit stressed yourself.

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