Sunday, May 14, 2023

Before and after the graffiti


I have another photo roll for you today...

My library is hosting an art show for the area's public schools. There are freestanding frames holding a variety of art by everyone from First Graders to High Schoolers. It's all lovely stuff and a great deal of fun to look at.

Out of curiosity one day I took some pictures of this kid art and then made AI versions of it, gussing it up into various versions of slick refinement and hyperrealism. They were neat images, but it wasn't really a proper use and respect for the original art, so I deleted them. 

Later that week, though, I was down hiking in Shangri-La and came upon a particularly good graffiti wall. As is my wont I took a bunch of pictures there. Later, looking them over, I wondered if... and I decided that art illegally spray painted in public places is a kind of up-for-grabs fair use.

Sort of like a blog post freely plopped onto the Internet.

Uh oh.

A fun thing about graffiti is that it starts out already a lot like AI, with all its borrowed idioms and fascination with the collision of abstraction and realism. Below you will find a full roll, so to speak, of before and after graffiti pictures. Sometimes there are two "after" pictures if I couldn't bear to choose between my many versions.

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