Sunday, May 7, 2023

I could be an artist!


There is a regular library patron who takes a keen interest in any art I bring to the public areas of the library. He's okay. It's nice to be noticed. Although there is maybe a touch of receiving some of the downsides of fame without actually getting to be famous. His usual modus operandi is to mildly compliment whatever the picture is, and then ask for a lot of editorial corrections and expansions. For instance, if I have a picture of Charlie Brown in the library he'll have an idea for a caption I should put in the picture. Or if I have a scramble of Presidents in the library on Presidents' Day he has a new scheme for how I should use my pictures going forward. It's generally very specific and not terribly interesting to me.

The other day he was going on about something I could do, I don't remember what, but there was an example of it on my t-shirt, that I was wearing, and that he had not noticed. It was one of my bookworms on a heart of books. As I pointed it out to him he was surprised.

"You made that?" He asked.

I said that I did.

"You could be an artist!" He exclaimed.

Maybe one day.

1 comment:

  1. You already are an artist, good sir. Your work is wonderful. Own it!


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