Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Not a review of a cat store


I don't believe I have ever been to a cat store. You know, a store for cat... things. And so I am not keen to review the first one I have ever been to. It seems too precious, and delicate, and dear. And I want to nurture it. I want any cat store to survive in a cruel world that is not kind to strange and miraculous things. 

Like some first, tiny rare flower I might have always longed to see, there the store Cat aMewsement was, shining like a holy grail in one of our old neighborhoods, St. Anthony Park.

It was open where the bookstore used to be.

So my wife and I went delightedly in!

Pinch me. A real life cat store!

And it sort of sucked.

This is not a review.

Like that tiny rare flower when you first see it and say, wait, this is the flower? Why doesn't it have any colors or petals? Maybe I am color blind? So it was Cat aMewsement didn't have any cats. It did have some cat products and products for cats, I guess, all of which were not interesting.

It also had, and I can't emphasize this enough, a dog section.

This is not a review.

Two stars.

Cat aMewsement is doing god's work!

Not particularly well at all.

This is not a review.

It is a tale of woe.

1 comment:

  1. What a disappointment, a "cat store" without cats. With a section for dogs, as if they didn't think too much of themselves already. And in a former bookstore! I give it six months, tops.
    Some years back that SA neighborhood had a very nice ice cream and candy store. I was very fond of it because when taking the #3 bus from the U to my home in Como, I could take the 3A, get of in SA, get and eat a dish of ice cream cream and continue my trip on the 3B bus. That store closed.


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