Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Reports from the front desk

It is a weekday morning, and I am at the front desk of my library, live blogging, which I used to do more in the early days of clerkmanifesto, but very rarely, and it never went well.

So in short this makes no sense, has no point, and yet here we are.


I think I may have come up with a replacement banner for clerkmanifesto, a tagline: 

Makes no sense, has no point, and yet here we are. 

Tempting, but I don't want to oversell. I'll think about it.

So, to report from the front desk:

1. I may have come up with a new tagline for clerkmanifesto.

2. My desk partner was talking about a movie with a library patron. One of them said, "Well, Tom Hanks is in it and he's always good."

I said, sotto voce, to the library patron I was helping with several books about introverts "I didn't think he was all that great when he was on Love Boat." And my patron snorted.

3. An older man walked by leaving the library. He said "Another day in paradise."

I replied "There are so many!"

My co-worker wanted to know what we said. I told her and she said, "It's just like Margaritaville."

4. A woman just came to the desk where the passes are to get on the public computers and asked me "Are these that we can choose?" Which we both knew made no sense, but I nodded and she took one, and we had nevertheless understood one another perfectly.

How did you get all that done in an hour! You must wonder.

I know. Makes no sense, has no point, and yet here we are.


  1. A question: what is your favorite method of transportation (a car, boat, plane, ferry)?

    1. I am fond of boats and long for the utopian the eradication of cars.


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