Monday, May 8, 2023

Same old trees


At the front desk of the library is a picture of a set of trees, either this above or something very similar. I took the picture either last Spring or last Fall, near the rim of the ravine that holds Shadow Creek and its gracious falls. I liked the tangle of roots, the upward angle of the photo, and the elegant grouping of the trees. So last week when I was in the area I visited these trees. Being so satisfied with my previous portrait of them there seemed little point in photographing them again.

But I don't think that's how photography works.

Actually, I'm not very good at "how photography works". But I do find that I am continually collecting new devices, programs, apps, and ideas to apply to my photographing. And I do know that even if some tiny corner of the world does not appear to have changed, we always have.

So I took pictures of these trees once again.

Then I brought them back to what I increasingly think of as my mad scientist photography lab.

Here then is the trees as they are now, or maybe as I am now.

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