Friday, May 19, 2023

The onion Bento


I am always looking for a way to eat good foods in appropriate portions. And lately, in response to this search, I have employed the Bento Box. These are perfect for bringing to work, and the two boxes I have acquired have wonderful, distinct compartments (five!), inspire the imagination, and seal up a charm. From there it's just a question of what foods to populate the box with.

Today it was onions.

Well, there was some very good goat brie, and some Prosciutto, rye crackers, but ultimately it was all about the onions. In fact, it needed more onions. I had roasted onions, and they were the highlight of the whole box. And I also had pickled onions, which were tangy and a bit spicy. Some fried onions would have been perfect, but I ran out of time or energy in my preparations. Alas.

But boy, I love an onion.

My challenge for the future:

An all onion bento box!

In ten years of writing clerkmanifesto I figured I must have covered my affection for onions before, so, in preparation for this blogpost I looked into my history of 3,700 blog posts. 

Sure enough, five years ago, there is this.

"Oh no!" I cried. "I've already used up my Stone Soup story!"

Well I certainly wasn't gonna tell you that ol' Stone Soup story again.

But I wasn't going to let it stop me from talking about onions.


Onions, onions, onions!!

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