Sunday, May 21, 2023

The only definition of AI you will ever need


This weekend, a highly social one, I will be seeing a variety of old friends, and ones I have not been with for awhile. And since I have a long history in the arts, surely the question of what I have been up to in that regard will come up.

I currently wear, almost exclusively, t-shirts with my own AI generated designs on them. So, using them as my example, I will almost certainly explain that I have been doing a lot of AI photography these days.

I imagine, though it is perhaps far more likely that it won't happen, that I will be asked:

"But what, exactly, is AI photography?"

And this is the answer I have prepared:

AI photography is when I tell my phone what sort of picture I would want, pick the ones I like, and then take all the credit for them.

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