Wednesday, May 3, 2023

Whatsit Wednesday


One day every month I like to review my current cultural diet, so to speak. I review what I'm reading/watching/listening to. I call this review something with the current day of the week in it, and then I pretend that it has always had this catchy name and that I have been doing this for years. 

But I've only been doing this for the past few months, and now I've accidentally revealed the truth behind the whole thing.

Fortunately it is not important whether this is "First Friday" or "Sacred Second Saturday" or "Thinkin' Thursday". What is important is

What's important is


Nope. I'm stumped.

But I like this little recounting of my current cultural consumption consisting of conveying critical calculations collecting a coterie of concise, um,

Nope, I'm stumped.

Shall we get to it then?

Bedside Reading:

Tress of the Emerald Sea by Brandon Sanderson. 

A certain segment of the Internet loves loves loves Brandon Sanderson. Susceptible to that sort of thing I read a lot of his books. Usually I think "Well, this is certainly good, but, I mean, it's not great." And then something happens in the book and I'm like "Well, maybe it's a little bit great." So, Tress isn't great, but it's definitely a little bit great.

I hope I didn't give away too much there.

YouTube Video:

Captain Disillusion released a 15 minute video today. This seems to happen barely more than a couple times a year, probably because they must be an obscene amount of work to make. I watched it as soon as I possibly could. I have never in my life recommended these very particular videos to anyone. They are snarky, clever, effects heavy breakdowns of visual effects that are so fluid and well done that they kind of exist in a different, more exalted class of video, above anything else being made, by anyone, on the planet.


I guess we're going to have to continue with the superlatives here, because the podcast Dolly Parton's America is simply so terrific. I really like episode six, Jolene. I've only recently begun listening to a lot of podcasts and so have the privilege of skimming off the very best from out of the short history of podcasting. Jolene is pretty amazing.

It doesn't, however, discuss the cover of the song that made me first aware of it, so I'll include it here cheekily under the category of:



The best cover. Of any song. Ever.

See you next month for... Whatsit Wednesday!

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