Sunday, June 18, 2023

Another thrilling installment!

Against all odds we have today another collection of "Library Shelves Come to Life" brought to you by the good people at...

Funny, we don't seem to have a sponsor.

Did we have a sponsor before?

I'll ask my marketing manager.

Funny, we don't seem to have a marketing manager either.


But don't worry, there is an explanation, and it is fascinating! Patreon subscribers to clerkmanifesto can read the incredible blogpost detailing that explanation right now! Become a patreon sub...

We don't have Patreon?

We don't have subscribers?

Are you sure this is the Internet?

It is the Internet?

Well, I think we all know that something is not right here, but what say we just shuffle along anyway. Here are a few more "Library Shelves Come to Life" brought to you by the good people at...

Oops. Sorry, it's a reflex.

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