Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Isaiah: Lion and straw and four votes


Today we feature, from the end of Isaiah 11, verse 7:

"and the lion will eat straw like the ox."

We have moved upstairs in my library for this scene, though after bringing in a lion and photographing him eating straw (I could not procure straw and so shredded plastic in our paper shredder to simulate it), I have had to make a few tiny changes to this real life scene in photoshop.

Sorry, I shouldn't joke. The Bible is no joke!

Anyway, we're continuing on with Isaiah here, though soon we'll come to the end of the iconographic portion, or at least to the end of the kind of iconography that interests me. I am not sure I'm interested in pictures of Ephraim not being jealous of Judah, or of them plundering the people to the east.

This will mean that there are going to be decisions to be made. 

I could:

1. Start at the beginning of the bible and do an image by image recreation of it, creating over 18,000 distinct images illustrating the text before dying of old age with my project still unfinished.

2. Switch to writing amusing anecdotes about library work for awhile.

3. Return to my abandoned project of rewriting Winnie the Pooh.

4. Return to my abandoned project of telling the mythical story of my through-hike across America with local deities.

5. Complain in an amusing, but mildly uncomfortable way about how my genius still largely goes unrecognized.

I could also just do whichever of these options gets four votes, leaving it in your, the readers' hands.

Actually, that's just a trick delay tactic. I've never gotten four votes in my life before!

1 comment:

  1. Your voting rules are vague/non-existent. If one person, one vote, I case my vote for the first picture. If the rule is four votes per person, I'll spread my four out, one per picture. (I think there are four pics. In any case, I'm not going back to check.)
    In any case, you should get more than four votes. So should I. My last three posts, written a couple of weeks ago, didn't get votes but did get "looks": 8, 6, and 6. All in the first day after posting. Which iis pretty damned discouraging.


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