Thursday, June 15, 2023

Library retiree

The people who quit working at my library, or move on to better jobs, or at least to the promise of better jobs, don't come back to the library as much as the retirees do. But the retirees keep a lower profile. They try to slip in and slip out. And over time fewer and fewer of the staff know who they are. 

"I used to work with you." I think, but we talk about other things because any library gossip would mean so little to those retirees now.

Also library gossip is pretty uninteresting to begin with.

One retiree was in yesterday. He keeps a hand in volunteering with tech help, but, as I described, tries to keep a low profile. Nevertheless he forgot his card and was forced to come to the desk and face...


I'm actually pretty nice though.

"Your card or ID is no good here." I said looking up his record as he started to fumble around for the normally required documents.

"Well, thanks." He said.

He had a couple hold things to take care of. And there was one book that he had on hold that he no longer needed. "I already got this book at the St. Paul library." He explained sheepishly.

"You tramp!" I exclaimed in horror.

He smiled nervously, as he does, and was on his way.


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