Wednesday, June 21, 2023

More bookshelves coming to life


In my dream of bringing all the bookshelves in my library to life the following things would happen:

1. I would complete a picture for every single bookshelf, even if some of the abstract subject matter like "Stoic Philosophy", for instance, might be hard to visualize.

2. I would win, like, a cool award for doing this because I am secretly very incentive driven, even if I have demonstrated a steely, frankly inspiring will to create in the face of frequently epic storms of indifference.

3. The bookshelves coming to life would all come out better than they do (see below). I'm not saying these don't come out well, maybe I would just be happier if they would all be as good as the best ones. They get a little uneven depending on the subject.


Hmm, I thought this was going to be a longer list, but I just keep thinking of more variations on item "two". 

This is not healthy for me.

So why don't I just show you what I've got for today and try to be happy that we have now inched to 3/1000ths of the way towards completing item one.

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