Monday, June 26, 2023

New and improved


A regular reader of clerkmanifesto will have seen all of today's pictures before. That doesn't mean they will remember them. But this is not meant as a walk down memory lane.

Recently I have been considering making a series of postcards of two or three dozen of my photographs. And in that space I have been going through my pictures, and, when possible, upgrading them. So while you might have seen these pictures, and while they have featured on clerkmanifesto, all of them here are altered or improved in some small or large way. Sometimes there are added details, shadow corrections or reflections, and occasionally there are even wholesale thematic reworkings.

Thus, while you may have seen these, and even, it is remotely possible, remember them, they are different.

 And so, with your gracious forbearance, I present them for your reconsideration.

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