Friday, June 2, 2023

No stranger to hard work


I had a short couple of days back working at the library after a vacation and before a long weekend. So I suppose it should all have been easy to take. Instead it took some adjusting, and alas that I do my best adjusting while not working.

One afternoon in this short work week, I was putting in a serious shift on the self check out machine which was swamped due to the after effects of a holiday weekend. A co-worker walked by, as they do, because my co-workers at the library do a lot of wandering. 

A thought suddenly ran through my head:

"I'm no stranger to hard work."

I didn't say it. I merely had an unbidden though, a conversational impulse. I didn't act on it. I just started musing on the phrase instead.

It had struck me as incomplete somehow.

"I'm no stranger to hard work, we're more like acquaintances."

"I'm no stranger to hard work, but I don't like to be recognized by it."

"I'm no stranger to hard work, but that doesn't mean I like getting locked in a room with it."

"I'm no stranger to hard work, I just think we confuse each other."

After a few seconds there was no one to tell any of this to. And besides, I was way too busy.

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