Saturday, June 17, 2023

The end of library shelves?


Though my endeavor to bring library shelves to life was voted on by the readers of clerkmanifesto, this project nevertheless seems pretty unpopular.

How can a group of people vote for something and yet have that thing be unpopular?

This is an interesting question with far reaching implications for the world and for the few, tattered, remaining democracies.

Fortunately I have an answer to this question!

And it applies locally and globally!

People were tricked into voting for the winner!

"Wait, how was I tricked?" You wonder.

Well, you weren't tricked, people were.

You are, fortunately, on top of all this. And I am always impressed by this wonderful, perspicacious quality in you.

Anyway, here are today's library shelves coming alive, starting, appropriately, with a political theme, and then flopping wildly about from there, with mixed success.

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