Saturday, June 10, 2023

The library shelves come alive: The animals I through W


And so we continue with our project of bringing our library shelves to life. Yesterday we saw ants, apes, and elephants. Today we continue on alphabetically, having made our way to the "I's".

What animal begins with "I"? I can't remember, but surely it will soon appear below.

Out of respect for certain of our dearest of readers, we have omitted the "octopus" entry, though I did actually make one. I also did a "spider" one, and that gave me some serious willies in the process. Even though I went with a significantly toned down version of "spiders" below, it is still a fair rendition of what would constitute a shelving nightmare for me, though possibly not one as horrifying as books being out of order.


  1. Partial to the rhino, Not bothered (too much) by spiders.

    1. I find these spiders just this side of bearable. I'm glad you like the rhino. Do you think he's lying down?


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