Monday, August 7, 2023

Last day of pictures


Technically speaking, as you read this, my vacation will be over, and I will be back at work. Today, then, are officially the last of these high speed photo heavy postings. 

Naturally we wonder what will be next on Clerkmanifesto.

Will it be...

1. Deep coverage of the Women's World Cup?

2. A new obsession with Glensheen Mansion?

3. Cozy, fireside tales of life at Minnesota's Premier Public Library?

4. Bitter tales of life at Minnesota's busiest public library?

5. Exhaustive and idiosyncratic book reviews from a week and a half of fanatical reading?

6. Cocktail hour?

7. Even more weird pictures of crashed alien spaceships?

Yes, probably.


  1. 3. Cozy, fireside tales of life at Minnesota's Premier Public Library?
    And which is that? I ask with a real desire to know.

    BTW, I'll be in MN the week after Labor Day. I'll be looking to see some of the marvels you've been posting...or see that you've been kidding all along. Either way, I hope to get to say Hi.

    1. Minnesota's premier public library? It's around here somewhere, I'm sure of it!

      I'll be around. I hope to see you too!


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