Wednesday, August 16, 2023

New theory developed with library patron


A ladybug has landed on my keyboard. Nothing in this column will be written using the F12 key! 

A library patron was waiting for my desk partner to return with something. And I warned them. "I can't help you do anything if it involves using an F12 key! There is a ladybug on my F12 key!"

"Are you sure it's a ladybug and not a Japanese Beetle?" The patron asked.

Then followed a short, confused, ill-informed discussion about the two varieties of red beetles with black dots. I am sparing you that discussion in this recounting in order to make this entertaining. 

Admittedly, I still have a ways to go.

I lifted the keyboard to show the patron the beetle. We decided it was probably an Asian Beetle because the red color was so washed out.

"Maybe ladybugs have just gotten more faded." The library patron suggested.

I liked this line of thinking. "Maybe the increased global heat of climate change is slowly blanching out the colors of all animals and plants everywhere and everything is going to become faded and washed out."

We ruminated sadly on this for awhile.

The ladybug moved over to the F9 key.

It was pale in color, and actually an Asian Beetle technically. 

But it was still a nice bug. 

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