Sunday, August 27, 2023

Paintings into paintings into paintings


For a couple of years in the early nineties I made large, tempera paintings on paper. I think I might have used acrylics too. And some of the paintings weren't that big, actually. Which just goes to show I might want to organize my thoughts and material before I start writing. It also shows that there are certain things I refuse to edit once I've written them. Some people call this the Wabi Sabi school of writing.

 Other people call it...


These old paintings from the days of yore were all of flying wolves and erupting volcanoes spewing chunks of rock. They were cartoony, dramatic, 3D, and very theatrical.

Hey! You suddenly realize. Aren't you doing lots of pictures of volcanoes now?

That's what I thought!

 Flying wolves, erupting volcanoes, hurtling rock, I guess we're all drawn to what we're drawn to. Maybe sometimes forever...

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