Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Real life true stories


No, we aren't through with the pictures, or, thank the tons of gods, with my precious vacation, but I was thinking that just about now you would really be missing one of those amazing, strains belief, absolutely 100 percent true stories from the public library. So I am reaching my hand deep into the future, known to you as the present, in order to tell you the incredible tale of what happened to me this very day at the front desk of my library.

A person came to me at the desk and wanted to register for a library card!

"Is that it?" You ask, not sure exactly how amazed you are just yet.


There is more, and it is all true!

I registered the card. Address, email, phone, blah blah blah. Then we came to this prospective library user's four digit pin number. "What," I asked. "Would you like to be your four digit pin number?"

He had one in mind. "One, three, five, seven." He offered.

I paused, musing. "Odd." I said.

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(but probably not for awhile because I'll be busily showing you weird pictures for another week or so).

Stay safe and cool.


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