Monday, August 28, 2023

Ten improvements to a painting by John Constable

Today I have made ten improvements to a painting by John Constable. Can the John Constable scholars out there name all ten? There is a huge prize for anyone who can! I haven't even thought of the prize because I am so confident of the following:

1. No one will ever spot the claw coming out of the window!

2. John Constable scholars don't, as a rule, read clerkmanifesto.

3. Even if someone were clever enough to spot the claw, everyone will think the volcano was part of the original painting since John Constable was so obsessed with volcanoes!

Which brings us to the question:

How would John Constable feel about these extraordinary liberties being taken with his painstaking and quite brilliant art?

I think John Constable would enjoy the contest, but be unable to spot the hard to see tenth improvement due to his being dead.

Rest in peace, John.


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