Wednesday, August 2, 2023

The theme


Maybe you were getting the hang of the random photographs singly posted throughout the day, and now here I am throwing you for a loop by showing you a bunch of pictures all at once.

I had to look that up: 'thrown for a loop'. It looks like maybe it's a boxing term, which doesn't offer either of us that much explanation. Apparently the theory is it's like one gets hit so hard they do a kind of cartoon backwards somersault. It's from the twenties. It sounds like it's from the twenties, the other twenties, one hundred years ago. 

Alas this only makes me sadder to have thrown anyone for a loop here. 

Maybe I could just knock you over with a feather?

Anyway, I have broken our vacation rhythm here to post a group of pictures. But there is a reason! I have done this because these photos all have a common element or, um, theme.

No, probably not a "theme". That's too high falutin'. But I think you'll get the idea when you see them.

No, I don't know where "High falutin'" comes from.

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