Friday, January 19, 2024

Beatles week: George day


Ten pictures of Beatle George.


Ten fact-adjacent... things about Beatle George.

All together here, all together now, 

on Beatles week at clerkmanifesto, it's...

the day of...


1. I have been a passionate Beatles fan for nearly 50 years, but it only just occurred to me: George had the same name as my Grandpa, and a similar disposition as well. I wonder if George Harrison watched golf. (I looked it up. He was into formula one racing- six of one...)

2. If George were a Marx Brother he would be Zeppo.

3. Here Comes the Sun and Something notwithstanding, and despite underdog counter narratives, George is the distant third best Beatle. Writing two or three masterpieces is a bit different than writing, like, 40.

4. Taxman is the first Right Wing protest song, and a pure glimpse of rock n roll's Achille's heal. It's a rollicking song, and I can probably forgive George and the Beatles for it, but it's hot garbage. Do you have any idea how rich George was?


5. Having a hard time coming up with compelling factoids here I looked up some on the Internet. I found this one particularly amusing: 

"George Harrison's ancestry had a diverse mix. His father had Irish heritage, while his mother was of Irish and English descent."      

Ooooooh! Exotic!

6. That said, George did not bring any baked beans with him when he went to visit the Maharishi.

7. Yes, George was the third most talented Beatle, BUT, he was possibly tied for the second most talented in his next group, The Traveling Wilburys.

8. I guess my favorite picture here is the lion one.

9. George's favorite fruit was passion fruit! I made that up. But we both like(d) to meditate, so why wouldn't we both like passion fruit?

10. George is too dead to read clerkmanifesto, but he would have loved it! Until he read this post, at which point he would have remembered: "Oh yeah, I'm dead" and then lapsed back into nothingness.

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