Sunday, January 21, 2024

Beatles week: Paul day


It's still Beatles week, some 37 days after it started! And we are up to Paul, which might make one think there are a lot more than four Beatles.

Well, much has been bandied about the "fifth" Beatle at least. A colleague of mine even subscribed to the theory that George Martin was the most important Beatle. Madness all.

But there is no fifth Beatle any more than there is a fifth cardinal direction. That is the beauty of it.

Anyway, we are onto our second to last Beatle, and you may be cottoning onto how this is maybe a ranking of least important Beatle to most important Beatle. 

I am here to tell you that the Beatles are inseparable, and also distinct, so maybe it is, and maybe it isn't.

You should know the drill by now: ten clerkmanifestoish things about Beatle Paul, followed by ten daemon pictures of Beatle Paul of varying quality, because that's how I roll.


1. There is no corollary Marx Brother for Paul. 

Just kidding. 

It's Chico.

2. Paul was the most talented Beatle. There, I said it! 

However, hold your horses until you get a load of item number four!

3. Paul McCartney is famously a vegetarian. He doesn't eat meat! But don't worry. If he comes to your house for dinner you can feed him lamb.

4. Paul was the second best Beatle. This is determined by the tiebreaker of how i don't think any song he wrote post Beatles is as good or as fresh as his best Beatles songs, unlike certain other murdered Beatles who shan't be named.

5.  My favorite Paul picture here is the one with the grasshopper. But I am a little obsessed with the dinosaur one as well. They are kind of the Lennon and McCartney of my Paul pictures.

6. My favorite Paul song is definitely, no, I can't do it. It is too hard.

7. Not to go on about the pictures below, but some of them are probably better without all the filter tricks.

8.  The longest passage of French I know by heart is from "Michelle". The longest passage of German I know is from the German version of "I Want to Hold Your Hand".

9. In the scrapped version of "Lord of the Rings" that the Beatles started filming in 1968 , Paul played Aragorn.

10.  Paul totally reads clerkmanifesto! He is re... oops. 


He's gone.

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