Thursday, January 18, 2024

Beatles week: Ringo day!


Okay, I have had to draw the line. Beatles week was supposed to last for eight days (get it?), but we are clearly going to run over. However, to help with the problem, I am stopping myself at ten designs per Beatle, that is, ten individual animal daemon pictures per Beatle. Starting today, with Ringo, I will be showing the best, or close to the best, version of each picture for one individual Beatle per day. Ten pictures.

Then there will probably be one last concluding Beatles Week post just to wrap things up.

You may have seen some of the pictures from our ten before in the various groupings leading up to this, though I will endeavor to present alternate versions of the ones previously shown.

In addition to the ten pictures per Beatle, I will also have here a ten-item list of interesting, irrelevant, and/or mercurial clerkmanifesto nonsense about each Beatle.

Starting, as I said, with...


1. Yes, Ringo is the least talented Beatle by a country mile. But isn't that like being the poorest billionaire?

2. Ringo is the oldest Beatle, or, well, what with all the dead Beatles, let's just say, Ringo was the first Beatle to be born. Will he be last to die?

3. I actually have an eleventh Ringo picture, but it features an octopus, depictions of which we treat around here much like devout Jews do the face of G-d.

4. If Ringo were a Marx Brother he would be Harpo.

5. Ringo had many post Beatle hits that I was going to listen to for this, but I quickly became bored when I tried.

6. When Ringo went to visit the Maharishi in the sixties he packed a whole suitcase full of canned baked beans! This motif was effectively used in The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.

7. I guess my favorite Ringo sung Beatles' song is Yellow Submarine, but it is much harder to choose my favorite Beatles' song that he plays the drums on.

8. All this typing! I've got blisters on my fingers!

9. My favorite picture I have in this series of Ringo is probably the elephant one.

10. Ringo does not read clerkmanifesto. Correct me if I'm wrong Ringo!

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