Friday, January 26, 2024



You sure don't get to be a mega-blog like clerkmanifesto without relentless marketing and branding. The success of clerkmanifesto's famous "bugheart" logo and its ubiquitous "CM" has made this eleven year old blog into a global titan with over six daily readers!

I think it's at least six. I kind of don't want to know if it's less.

Although, who would tell me?

But what I'm saying is that one doesn't get to this kind of level without putting in the work. And that is why I have been taking advantage of this mild weather to get out on the train tracks, among the abandoned underpasses, and in the thick of the industrial wastelands, to get the word out with my signature graffiti pieces that represent clerkmanifesto to an unknowing public.

For your pleasure I have herein photographed these pieces for you.

These also explain why two of my six daily readers are hoboes.


  1. Replies
    1. Well, there's a bit of Internet marketing satire in here, and then there's some of what I like to call these days "fictional photography". Here I am pretending these are graffiti pieces I painted out at the trail yards to raise my brand awareness. The bugheart is sort of my symbol, and the "CM" stands for clerkmanifesto. If that doesn't clear things up maybe the next few days of posts will. Or perhaps they'll make it more confusing? I never know.


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