Monday, January 1, 2024

Cat shrines of Saint Minneapolis


Here is my vision for the year to come. 

I don't know how to explain it.

It might even just be a vision for cats for the year to come.

But who's to say cats don't read clerkmanifesto?

No, I'm just kitten. 

I know purrfectly well that cats don't read clerkmanifesto!

Cats don't read anything other than the warmth of the sun.

They have come across the void and out of the darkness and silence of eternity, all in order to sleep.

Cats said:

"Let me just do two things, but do them well. 

And in doing them well, deserve nearly endless time off."

This is why we have placed shrines to cats all over our city.

And if, for the New Year, we are to have a resolution, let's let it be this:


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  1. Nice retrospective. I thought that I had seen all of your posted pictures through the year, but a significant number were new to me. BTW, you will soon receive, or may already have received, a calendar from an artist who used to work in my department. I like his work and yours, in different ways. You may hate each others work, which really doesn't matter. I don't like ALL of yours, or all of Nick's. Enjoy if you will, or give the calendar to someone who prefers it. Happy New Year.


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