Tuesday, January 9, 2024

More famous people


In this particularly fecund time of my creative energy, I've launched into yet another "spirit animals" series. This one is centered on mighty cultural figures, or, pointedly here to start with, sixties rock stars. In fact, all of these first pictures are of rock stars who came to fame in the sixties, which suits the trippy woodcut/poster motif I'm using. 

I'll leave it to you the challenge of identifying the musicians, or the animals, or both. I'll confess some are more inscrutable than others, and if we were one of those big, fancy blogs, like, uh, hmm, I guess there aren't any, but if there were, and I were one, it might have been fun to see what people guessed.


  1. Well, I think I identified all of the animals. Almost all. The people? Not a clue. But they are done in an interesting style.

    1. You got the possum? Well done!

      Thanks for the calendar! It was nice.

      I'm glad you find the style interesting. I might see if I can get myself a few shirts done with them.


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