Tuesday, January 23, 2024

My desk notes


At five in the evening, we stop having two people at the front desk of the library and switch to just one person. Today that's me!

At five o'clock it is no less crowded here, but running a tight ship isn't really our thing at this library. So fine, I can handle the work of two people, but I am sort of busy. Obviously there are no lines of people waiting in front of me, and I have managed to write this expansive meditation while out here being the face of the library, but also in my time here I have registered library cards, advised small children on Newberry Awards, and loaned a pencil and a stapler. 

I don't think the pencil is coming back though. 

Let's call that one a gift. 

Oh, and I talked with a nice, gentle man about hats. He wanted to talk about hats more than I did, but what am I here for?

Mostly I'd like to sit down. There's a chair right behind me, but my back has been messed up for a few days and every time I try to sit in that chair I say...


And then I get up.

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