Saturday, January 20, 2024

The raise!


(I have to make a brief interruption to Beatle Week here. The sheer amount of work in it has begun to overwhelm me. 

We will get back to Paul and John soon).

My co-workers and I at the library just crossed over into our contract mandated raise. It hasn't yet shown up on our paychecks, but as I write we are all earning 2.5% more than we were earning before.

"What will we do with all this extra money!" We cried out in exasperation.

I quickly came up with a plan:

Impressionist Paintings.

"Since none of us has any use for all this extra money." I told my co-workers. "I suggest we employ a sort of team-building solution. Let's all of us each buy an impressionist painting. Everyone can get a different artist."

Responses were positive, but mixed. One co-worker immediately tapped Van Gogh, but money is never simple, even when there's so much. "People who have worked here a lot longer will be getting more out of their raises." Complained some co-workers. "What will we do about that?"

"Simple." I responded. "Longtime staff can take Monet or Renoir. Newer staff can grab up more economical Sisleys and Morisots."

That settled everyone down.

What about me?

Even though I've been here nearly 30 years now, I'll be taking Pissarro. 

I don't want to show anyone up, and, honestly, I can never resist an excellent bargain.

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