Monday, July 1, 2024

Carefully engineered comedy routines


A library patron returned a book to me at the front desk of my library. The book had been in a little bit of a tussle with some water. The library patron was quite willing to pay any penalty for this, but as is my wont when patrons go all George-Washington-and-the-cherry-tree with me, I am inclined to forgive if possible in appreciation of the honesty, and to try to re-enact the fable.

I sent the patron on their way and stood up the book, titled "Insomnia", on the desk to hopefully dry it out to a useable condition. Eventually my desk partner, Dan, noticed the book and asked me about it. 

I explained briefly about the situation, holding the book up, and asked him if he had read it. 

Taking the bait, Dan said "No. I haven't. Have you?"

"I was up all night with it."

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