Tuesday, July 2, 2024

Workers' paradise


Yes, the library I work at is mismanaged. The people in charge at every level act like royalty. We are increasingly understaffed. No one is paid fairly. And our standards are going to hell. Also, many of the library patrons are extremely unpleasant and increasingly hostile and aggressive. New hires barely know their alphabet, and the old hands are increasingly crabby and bitter.

And sure, I can tell you a few examples of all of the above from my own experience, but really I wish you could simply hear the steady litany of complaints from all my co-workers, as I do, all day long, every day. Nothing could be more convincing. Though a bit much to take, they are almost eloquent in their frustration and disgust.

And so it is that my co-workers leave. They leave for all and any of those many above reasons. They leave this library branch. They leave the library system. They leave the County employment. And some of them even leave the country!

Gone, gone, gone!

And then you know what happens?

They all want to come back.

They all want to come back to work at my library!


This, my library, is a fucking workers' paradise!

Either that, or everything else out there is unbelievably horrible. 

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