Tuesday, July 9, 2024

The Tonight Show joke


It's not that I don't tell jokes here.

Some of my posts here are nothing but jokes. But my jokes are particular. They can be surreal, formal, deeply involved puns, dry satire, or circumstantial whimsy. But it is extremely rare that I write an official nighttime talk show monologue joke. You know, like the kind that Johnny Carson would read in his opening remarks. Or, sorry, I don't watch regular TV, so, like Jimmy Kimmel, or Jimmy Fallon would. It's one of those topical jokes that is a not-very-funny take on the news of the day.

I have told this joke to a few people today and, while at best, they mildly chuckled, ultimately they did agree it was suitable for an evening talk show comedy intro. It goes like this:

Amid calls that he step down as a candidate because he is too old, confused, and out of touch, President Biden, expressing his firm commitment to staying in the race, sent a strongly worded telegram to every Democratic member of Congress today.

Although come to think of it, this is a little too perfect. No doubt some version of this joke has been made on late night talk shows, regarding too old politicians, dozens of times already.


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