Saturday, July 20, 2013


So far, when it comes to my little daily essays here I haven't suffered from writers block. If anything, any problems that way come from a curiously opposite direction. I get dizzy with fecundity. Add to that my being a slow writer, and the ideas pile up and get lost waiting.

Here. I've got a little time this afternoon at the library, what shall I blog about? Aside from a few things swirling this very moment in my head I could check the wads of notes in my pockets. I've got a scrap of paper where I jotted down things written on people's T-shirts. Then there's something written here about how liking the desert in The Blue Sword is the same as liking the public at the library, one of those "analogy to a book" pieces. Wow, I've been meaning to write that post for months! I think I might be too fond of that piece to risk actually writing it. Here's something about appropriate technical violations in the rules of shelving (sounds exciting!), oh, and another shelving one, this about losing track of time and shelving into my dinner time (the horror! but it would make me look so dedicated!). I've got one about how we have a curiously high number of DVDs whose titles start either "My" or, even more specifically, "My Life..." (I'm not sure why I would think this would make a remotely interesting post, but I guess most of these things are in the execution, but, well...My Life, My Life In Ruins, My Life As A Dog, My Life As a Turkey, My Life So Far, and, oh, My So Called Life). One piece of paper just says "Wilco"  (I guess that needed no explanation).  Here's one about how you should never bring down more books to checkout for yourself than you brought up to shelve (that one would have comedy in it!). I've also written down something here where I grandly divide all library materials into two categories. It's sort of nice and cynical at the same time. I've found another piece of paper that has even more T-shirt sayings on it, and a post it note with three things on it that I guess are titles of posts that somehow I'm supposed to know what to do with. One is "Welcome to my old fashioned blog." Two is "Old school vs. new school libraries" (I think that kind of became "How to rock it old school at your library"). The third is completely inscrutable to me: "Fixing things: solutions and response." What?

So, sorry to overwhelm you with the contents of my pockets, but it's given me a little idea. What if, for a little change, I just sort of cut through a bunch of these sorts of things over the next several days. I'll try writing some short posts, if I am capable of it. I love to digress, it's practically my favorite part of writing. Actually I find it nigh on irresistible. I'm doing it now, aren't I? Anyway, I'll even post more than once a day, and, partly, I'll kind of get my idea backlog cleared out a little, but also I'll see about changing up the rhythm briefly, just, a summer sort of thing.

No, really, it'll be just fine. It'll be more internetty, but without pictures, more twittery, but with a dozen extra sentences. It'll be over before you know it.

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