Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Short post week day 4 maybe. T-shirts

Okay, quickly, because it's short post week and I had all kinds of scraps of paper where I wrote down what library patrons had on their T-shirts. I think I could have accumulated a phone book of these jottings before it ever occurred to me what powerful meanings lurked behind the culture of T-shirt sayings. At first it all seemed sort of uniform, but as my collection grew and deepened the T-shirt sayings seemed multivarious and more complicated than one would first imagine, just like people! 

This will be a partial selection due to our short post parameter. My comments are parenthesized.

Read (they dressed for the library!)
Oyster Festival (probably from out of town)
South Pole (also out of town, or is this a clothes line or something? My notes do not indicate if this was worn by a penguin.)
Bob Marley (is it a footwear line? or the greatest reggae star ever!)
Wink if you love me (perhaps just ever so slightly overbold for our library?)
Crappie Attitude (I know it was a fishing shirt, but, boy, his face really matched!)

oh, and this:
(but this was all I could get before the shirt wound under his prodigious belly. We are all left hanging!)

Usually I'd sum it all up in an important, revealing way, but it's short post week. I have to go!

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