Friday, July 12, 2013

Tips for library blog writers who...

Tips for library blog writers who are clerks, who blog daily, and who unbendingly march to the beat of their own drummer, and then, it turns out, only do that for a short time before they start wondering about the drummer altogether:


1. B brf

2. Don't try to appeal to everyone. Find your niche. Ideally your niche should include one or fewer people so hone it down. If a niche includes more than one person it will be wildly over represented on the internet.

3. Post daily (it's right there in the [admittedly long] tips title)! If you have nothing to say make a list of tips for blog writers!

4. Be unconfident, but like you are the god of unconfidence!

5. Remember, you are not your blog. Your blog is a cat you feed and shower with unconditional love. It does what it wants, and if you have to get a new rug you have to get a new rug.

6. Don't worry about repeating yourself as you will do it so inaccurately that it will hardly count as repeating.

7. Try to digress and ramble at least once per blog post.

8. Eschew financial reward as if one day you may be offered some. This makes the eschewing fancier.

9. All blog post lists should be exactly ten items long.

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