Thursday, November 21, 2013

Secret war with librarian

I am in a long running secret war with whoever officially puts out the featured, display books at the ends of the fiction and genre fiction shelves. My opponent, a librarian, puts out moderately sharp looking (for the Library) hardcover books, regardless of content. I counter by putting out books based on sheer, proselytizing, passionate, fanboy love. I'm losing.

Yes, those nice, squared off, hardback, largely unstained copies of Elizabeth Berg and David Baldacci are flying out of the display holders, while my bent, rough around the edges, paperback Richard Brautigans just sit there, day after day, looking forlorn and ever so small. I think the Richard Brautigan book is waiting for Charlie Brown to come along and bring it back to the Peanuts gang, who will then call him a blockhead, and say "Only Charlie Brown could go to a Library full of wonderful hardcover books and come back with a stupid beat up paperback about Watermelons! Of all the Charlie Browns, you're the Charlie Browniest!"

So, style has its triumphs over substance. Aye, style clubs substance like a baby seal. But I vow that I will not be deterred. I will take this woeful little Richard Brautigan book downstairs, carefully apply a little 845 book tape, erase some stains that I can, polish it up a little, and it's not so bad. Quite a nice little book really. Endearing. And if you open it up, oh, if you open it up, and read just a little... well, look for it, it's always there.

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