Sunday, May 18, 2014

Electric kool-aid

Hello from Sunday town! On casual days, which are on Sundays, sometimes I like to share blog news and maybe explain a bit what's happening around here.

You may have been noticing lately a strong bit of self aggrandizement, or confidence, or megalomania, or enthusiasm on clerkmanifesto.

"What's up with that?" You might wonder.

Well, first of all, thank you for your compliment! How nice.

As far as I can tell this condition is the result of two things. One is that lately I have been very caught up on my blog posts, usually a week or so ahead. In fact, I am here scribbling down the first draft of this post a full nine days before I will publish it. Nine days! That's almost a week! It makes me feel immune to error. I am so prolific that this is the third post I have written today! This all makes me feel very much in command, a master of language, immune to writers block, and willing to try saying anything. Everything seems to work, at least, as my definition has it. Two, having given up all marketing and most of what I can in outward seeking ambition, while also spending so much time with my blog, I have created a kind of hallucinatory isolation. It's just me and my blog, hour after hour, poking about on a magical planet with just one person there. Me. The second of these two conditions is giving me moments of profound mystical visions, or delusions (there's a thin line between the two) while the first of the two conditions is causing me to not edit those visions out. I instead publish them with vigor.

What does all this mean for you?

I guess it means you're either on the bus, or off the bus. Though I guess you could watch the bus with binoculars from a distance, take the bus for only very short trips, or delay the bus by inquiring at the door about exactly where the bus is going.

"Where is the bus going?" You ask.

I don't know. Further?

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