Sunday, May 25, 2014

News almost without metaphors

Hi everyone, it's Sunday so it's time for blog news!

No, really. Just plain, unvarnished, unfancified news. News! Not a complicated musing metaphorical blog post. No metaphors today, or pretend news. 

Yes, sure, metaphors are the clouds that come out of the mountains to cast nourishing rains in these fields, they are the stars that let us stumble through the night, and they are the mist that lets us sneak past the guardians of the gods so that we can smuggle back their broken things, but we invoke them not today.

Today is just news. Good old stick-to-the-ribs, clean air and sunshine blog news. No metaphorical stuff, except when we can't help it, but even then those metaphors are just serving as colorful scenery out the window of our train. Our true journey is a steadfast one. It is a simple telling of blog news.

So, what's up?

I have started a lot of projects on this blog. Some were plainly and formally ended, like the one where I used to keep tabs on the status of all free food in my library's break room. Do you remember that one? I did that for months. Many projects lie dormant, but are ever ready for new installments that will no doubt one day come. Think here of the King of the Library series that even has a set of links on the right side of my blog homepage. Some projects are hidden beneath your feet, and I work on them as the mood hits me. Think here of my project of hidden comments scattered throughout the history of my blog. Except you probably wont think of it because I'm not sure if anyone ever really comes across those so this is probably the first you're hearing of it. Some projects were harder and less satisfying than I thought they would be and so disappeared without fanfare, but never officially. The Last Harbor Public Library Blog is a fine example of this, a blog within a blog that had the unfortunate effect of making it feel like I was writing two blogs! I decided one blog is the better amount. But whatever blog projects I have that are open or closed or in limbo, there is usually one main one I am trying to get some work done on. Wait, I mean there is one project besides my daily writing of this blog everyday. I like to tell you about that one other project if I can occasionally.

My other project these days involves a focus in on my list of recommended books.

It links here.

I have talked about it before, and, of course, it was originally a blog post of its own. I just keep editing it and filling it out. The main goal of it was to have a list of all the books I have dearly loved at one point or another and at least sort of still do love, even if sometimes that love isn't exactly so fresh. I'm still listing and adding and organizing and genrefying my list, but that's been going on since the beginning, since I started it. My new ambition/addition is to heavily link up my list.

I have written a lot of blog posts and quite a number of them at this point would link up very specifically, or at least somewhat harmoniously with all kinds of things that are in my recommended book list. I'm just getting started on this, but I keep a link to that list off on the sidebar, and I'd like to make that list not just a nice list for book ideas, or a reminder to myself, but also an interesting tool for exploring the history of my blog, if anyone wants it. The idea is you are looking through the list and I, for instance, feverishly recommend Terry Pratchett's Tiffany Aching books. You can click on those books and be taken to a post of mine discussing them, or, perhaps more likely, a post taking off on a theme from them. You click on Jasper Fforde's name and are taken to an argument for the virtues of his books and how I think the critical response to them should go, but didn't quite. That sort of thing. I don't know. We'll see how it goes. 

Maybe try it out some time when you have a long afternoon and you're just going to fritter it on Internet shopping, or watching videos of heroic cats. All this linking might still be a little thin right now, but if I get a lot done I'll remind you some time. No doubt on a Sunday.

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