Friday, May 30, 2014

The ten best blogs on the Internet

As an occasional resource for hidden and worthwhile elements of the culture, I thought that today I would provide a guide to blogs. You may imagine that a dedicated blogger such as myself might have his finger on the pulse of the best blogs running on the Internet today. I do! I do have that finger! I am listening for that pulse!

Hmm, unfortunately I don't hear anything. Is this where the vein is supposed to be? Let me try the neck. How about the temple? The ankle?  Nope, nothing. Well, it's not important. The important thing is that I have compiled a list of the ten best blogs on the Internet.

Yes, I know that sounds very objective. Your opinion may vary. But I think if you give each of these a real chance you will find my list very fair and representative.

I will rank these carefully, presenting them in dramatic reverse order.


Deciding what just barely made the list and what didn't make the list was one of my toughest decisions, but try as I might I wasn't able to keep this one off my list. Sometimes it gets strange and almost abstract, but when it all suddenly makes sense one can't help thinking the sense is always there, sort of waiting for you.


Day in, day out, this one is just plain fun. Lots of stuff about libraries, which I like too since I also write about libraries. This was an easy pick and I could have ranked it higher without regrets.


I think we're beginning to see a loosely connected theme here. So far these blogs are all real writer's blogs, leaning more towards original content than interesting links. I am a traditionalist when it comes to blogs and feel original writing is where blogging is at its best. This particular blog posts daily and includes clear, interesting prose on a variety of subjects. And unlike most blogs, I love when it gets self referential!


Funny when you least expect it and then not funny when you least expect it. I never know what will happen next on this blog. Er, well, I sort of know what will happen next, but I almost never know what will happen after that.


After going on and on about all sorts of stuff to the point I'm not sure what's going on, suddenly this blog will mention cats, at which point, for some reason I just go nuts and start adding it to my favorite blogs lists for everyone to see. If you go there on my recommendation I can only hope cats are mentioned that day. If not, keep digging.


Thoughtful, trenchant, witty, bitter, cute, furious, wise, and full of adjectives.


This is the blog I would write if I were me, only not different, but the same.


The reason I like this blog so much is a lot like for my fourth choice. This one makes me laugh, but not exactly out loud, more in an odd, taken with myself way that's at once a bit embarrassing and plenty fun.


This would have been my first choice. Not to spoil anything, but it actually sort of is.


One of those rare blogs that doesn't toot its own horn. 

This blog is like if, say, you are walking along a country path and come upon a wide river. There is a raft and a ferry man there. So you get on the raft and the ferry man starts pushing you across the river. It's a lovely day and very peaceful on the river. The ferry man is very good with the raft and for no reason you really understand you ask him, from out of nowhere "Are you the Buddha?"

And he says "Yes."


  1. I eagerly await your writing every day. Well almost everyday. Most days. Usually. I get to it. Generally in the morning, with my caffeine. I like caffeine. So well, have a good day!

    1. Thank you for telling me. It is really nice to hear. So I have now read it 37 times, but I am too cool and collected to mention that here.

      I like caffeine too and will now go have some. You have a good day too then.

  2. I don't know if Clerk Manifesto is all ten of the best blogs on the internet, but I do think it deserves the top spot, and maybe the second, and the fourth, and probably six through nine. So thanks for writing it!

    1. Thank you, and you're welcome.

      Could I perhaps trade you the 6 and 7 spots for the fifth? Or am I asking too much? I'm asking too much aren't I? How about the 7th and 8th and 2nd for, oh, no, never mind.

      Just out of curiosity who got ten? Not that I mind, I mean, so long as I have nine. THANK GOD I HAVE NINE!


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