Thursday, May 22, 2014

We are like siblings here

I have not been following Disney animated movies closely for awhile, but somewhere along the line recently I did see Frozen. Somehow it seemed the loyal thing to do, living in Minnesota, which was sort of where it was set, only, minus the beautiful Norwegian aspects, the fairy tale kingdom, the fjords, the mountains, but other than that, especially the parts where people were cold and there was snow, it was Minnesota. I liked it. I liked the theme: Your parents will screw everything up, but with great fortitude you may be able to overcome it.

Anyway, I think it is to this movie we can credit inspiration for this lovely exchange. One of my most excellent co-workers told me about it tonight. It's straight from the kid's room.

Two little girls were playing in the back part of the children's room. They had piled chairs and cushions and such into thrones. One small girl in a magenta tutu blew bubbles. The other approached with happy news. 

"Sister!" she cried out,  "Mother and Father are dead. We live here alone now."

The funny thing is that this is our night where both of our two managers leave at five o'clock. We ourselves are on our own until closing time. Somehow the cry of these young, bubble blowing princesses was like a theme for our quiet evening.

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