Saturday, December 27, 2014

Last Christmas post of year, promise!

So it is the day after Christmas, December 26 to be precise, and my wife and I have things to take care of around town. There's a little thank you package we're putting together for someone, some things we need for our house, the liquor store has liquor, and we have some food to buy too.

So we're driving all over our city and it is Christmassy and beautiful! Snow is even falling, a sweet snow that dares not inconvenience us by staying. It only politely visits and disappears into a touch of cool water. And there is a grand section of houses along the river, on the St. Paul side, that are lit up so lovely and rich in the early evening, with plenty of garish lights, but elegant too, white lights, fire, and thoroughly done, drapes and shutters flung open on the fine old houses to show lush interior scenes of giant Christmas trees and roaring hearths and all manner of Christmas tableau. It could make a person suddenly understand sugar plums, and yuletide and family. Like from a dream.

Then we stopped in to get a few things at the nearby Walgreens, and it all fell apart.

Everything was fine in there at first. People were friendly and of good elvish cheer. We found most of what we needed, and were just leaving when we spied, on the featured end caps of a row of shelves, a whole display of New Year's Eve items!

New Year's Eve items!

On December 26!!!!

One day! Christmas is over for one lousy day and already with the New Year's Eve stuff? They cannot wait a couple of weeks!!!!


  1. Did you go to a different store? I discovered it's pretty much only Walgreen's that tries to get a jump on that whole New Year's Eve business. If you go, let's say, to Target, they don't start the NYE thing till 12/30, and late afternoon at that!

    I like this post, btw. It's very rok.

    1. So I just happen to live near the one, grasping, over eager Walgreens? Well, that's unfortunate. I still feel 12/30 is too early!

      I'm glad you like the post, but if you did wouldn't it be more tombs than rok?

  2. A thank you package for a lucky someone. Hmmm. If it were for me I'd hope it would have my favorite fruits, nuts and adult beverage. And, I'd hope it would be hand-delivered and then waiting for me after a long nap for the perfect snack. :-)

    1. Yes, that's about what I'd want too, if such things happened.

    2. I believe in magic!


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