Sunday, January 11, 2015

Meaning of life

Many of you read my blog regularly. Some of you read my blog occasionally, like, for instance, my co-worker Dave who has taken to prefacing all his comments concerning my blog with "As you know, I don't read all your blog posts...".  But I think both of these groups, most of you out there, are aware that I regularly deal with weighty issues here. The meat and potatoes of this blog are heavy metaphysical ruminations, grand works to resolve world hunger, explorations of the nature of creativity, high tales of human adventure out at the very limits of human capability, and deadly serious analysis of the meaning of life.

Yes, I tell you the meaning of life most days here on clerkmanifesto. I feel that everyone should know the meaning of life. I am not going to be the one to keep it from you. If you have ever wondered "What is the meaning of life?" I am delighted to answer that question. It's just what I do.

So, what, you wonder, is the meaning of life?

Good question. Excellent question. But today we are going to have a change of pace. It can't be grand themes here all the time. Life is not like that. Sometimes, even if it's only every rare once in awhile, it is time to look at the little things in life. Sometimes the right thing to do is to examine the smaller parts of existence. Yes, tomorrow I will speak clearly once again on the meaning of life. I will answer all your questions about the nature of reality. But that is tomorrow.

Today I was doing the laundry. I hang my clothes to dry inside the house. As I was hanging a t-shirt I noticed that it was inside out. So I took the wet shirt and turned it right side in. The moment I completed this task I realized that the shirt was now inside out!

I raced to my computer to tell you about it.

Well, okay, this might be about the meaning of life a little.

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