Friday, February 27, 2015

How we get there

The new statistics on what I write about here have just rolled in from the clerkmanifesto combination signal tower, astrolabe and fly strip for stardust. This blog originally was mainly for the purpose of writing about working as a clerk at a library. I still do that some. But one fateful day when I was shelving books up in fiction I was bitten by an escaped, radioactive bookworm and developed unusual powers.

Some things changed.

I write about other things. Evolving, growing, mysterious things. And so, for example, if you have been wondering "Hey, aren't I reading a lot more about myself on this blog?" You would be correct. That subject indeed has become quite prominent here. But I don't want you to have to wonder about these things. I want you to be up to date. I want you to have a good grounding. I don't want you to wonder if anything you have read here is a figment of your imagination. Everything you have read here is a figment of your imagination.

These are the ten things I currently write about the most here on clerkmanifesto. For drama I have listed the subjects in ascending order, like angels, smoke, and snowflakes that are lighter than the air.

10. Weather

9. Food

8. Other

7. The Internet

6. The arts

5. Libraries and library life

4. The beasts of the air and ground

3. You

2. Me

1. Itself

But know you this: These are just the horses we ride. We are crossing the desert.


  1. Is this a de Chirico/surrealist desert or more like an existentialist barren expanse? The last time I went into the desert with you I spent a long night at the bottom of a canyon with my arm numbed by a scorpion and the cosmos whirling overhead.

    1. First of all, mdnez, let me say how glad I am to see you here once again!

      Your two choices actually seem very similar. I was thinking real desert, and very large, and metaphorical, and with everything good and bad about deserts. I write in a short form and so really have to pack it in to just one word, like a poet, only slightly less ambiguous.

      Technically speaking that was not the last time you went into the desert with me, as, despite that strange and mysterious night that I spent fretting horribly, and you spent shivering, we continued on to poke about a few more bits of desert before heading home.

      Nevertheless, I take your point and will keep the scorpions at bay. I am afraid though that I can do nothing about the cosmos. They must continue to whirl overhead exactly as they like.

  2. That dangling comet really was a nice touch.


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